Live a natural and zesty life

As with many kiwi success stories, Natural & Zesty (N&Z) sprouted from very humble beginnings. It was fertilised as a result of lots of hard working, late night whiteboard and zoom sessions dedicated towards building our strategy and business plans.

At N&Z, we are passionate about showcasing the vast array of quality, naturally made products created from New Zealand’s pristine environment. With a commitment to ensure a first class customer experience, our desire is to share the fruits of our labour with the world.
N&Z New Zealand Limited
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Our story is simple 

The N&Z team has a great deal of experience with combined expertise in procurement, import/export, logistics and supply chain, operations, executive management and finance. We are well equipped to help our customers take our fine products from “Source to Shelf”

Being proud holders of the New Zealand government “Silver Fern” Licence, we want to bring more exceptional offerings to our customers. We want everyone around the world to embrace the magic of New Zealand and help to create a pure, positive legacy for future generations.


The Natural and Zesty Difference…

Sometimes modern life feels too fast and frantic, it’s often difficult to find trust-worthy and authentic brands that meet expectations. At N&Z our promise is to expertly deliver New Zealand’s naturally, homegrown products for better health and well-being and ultimately, a happier and even zestier, life!


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There’s magic in the air in our little slice of heaven. And you get to sample some of it through our quality New Zealand made produce . We sell a quality range of quality based New Zealand Manuka Honey. Look out for further ranges of quality New Zealand based products coming your way soon.

N&Z New Zealand Limited