Premium MGO 30+ to 200+

Daily use. Mild and easy on the palate, moderate sweetness. Excellent everyday nutritional supplement. Available in 250g and 500g.

For maintaining general health and wellbeing, daily consumption of 1 – 2 tablespoons of N&Z Manuka honey is recommended. It can be worked into meal plans by simply spreading on whole – grain toast or adding to yoghurt. It can also be added as sweetener in tea. For this type of everyday health regime we recommend N&Z’s “Delightful Range” which is perfect when used in conjunction with food and beverages. This range of honey comes with MGO ratings of 30+, 100+ and 200+. These are great value, great tasting everyday honeys the whole family can enjoy.


Super Premium MGO 250+ to 400+

Therapeutic grade. Medium sweetness with nutty and herbaceous notes on the palate. General well being and digestive health. Available in 250g and 500g

For the treatment of sore throats, oral hygiene and skin problems 1/2 – 1 tablespoon daily of N&Z Manuka honey is suggested. For this we recommend N&Z’s “Exceptional Range”. These are high quality honeys with greater antibacterial fighting properties and are considered high enough in MGO for topical use in health, beauty and wellness. This range of honey comes with MGO ratings of 250+, 300+ and 400+.  They are just perfect for helping the body boost its overall immunity.


Ultra Premium MGO 500+ to 1200+

Superior antibacterial grade. Medium sweetness on the palate, with a fragrant almost spicy aroma. Wound care and digestive health. Available in 250g and 500g

Super premium range of Manuka honey, which is limited in its availability. It’s the perfect gift for special occasions or that someone special in life. Because this honey has very high MGO levels, it’s highly recommended in the treatment of minor cuts and burns. Applying N&Z’s “Finest Range” can help fight off infection caused by bacteria since the higher levels of Methylglyoxal result in greater antibacterial fighting properties. This range of honey comes with MGO ratings of 550+, 850+ and 1200+. Naturally these honeys tick all the boxes and will deliver the full potency associated with Nature’s superfood – Manuka honey